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 C.A.R Promotes African Backpacks and Amazing Art of African Tribes

 Create A Reality offers tribal made African backpacks as we recognizes that the world is made up of so many unique and beautiful people. Our premier collection, Tribes is inspired by the colorful and unique culture of individuals from unheard of places. A tribe within the world inspires the name of each bag. While researching each tribe we learned unique and interesting things about their people, practices, and customs. We used the opportunity to share a bit of what we learned during the purchase process of a tribe bag, giving you insight into a different culture. The desire to inspire has led us to our mission to give hope to all people.

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Striving to see better days

Our bags are handmade by individuals who strive to see better days for themselves and others. The excitement seen on their faces when approached to be a part of this ongoing project gave more reasons to follow through on the CAR vision. Making the tribe bag enabled them to do something they love while improving their craft.

A bag for a bag

Our goal is to give hope to people who feel that there is none. Creating unique, stylish and durable pieces enables CAR to introduce a product that will attract individuals who want a cool bag and aid humanity. While attaining this goal we strive to continuously improve our products and the lives of others. Each purchase allows CAR to give a bag of food to an individual in need. This passion to improve one’s life drives us to make the overall process of producing and selling bags possible. Just like you, these individuals want to see a better tomorrow.


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CAR Family Sewing

The CAR Family Abroad

Through the overall production process we want to educate, stimulate, and inspire. We hire people who have various barriers to employment to become part of the CAR vision. We adopt them into our CAR family and give them reasons to strive for success in their lives. Each individual is encouraged and guided each step of the bag production process until they have mastered it.

A Positive Impact

When a bag is purchased an impact is automatically made on the life of another. The sale of each tribe bag enables CAR to donate a bag of food to an underprivileged individual. Currently, the distributions of these food items are done yearly during January in Nigeria.


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