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About Create A Reality

In 2014 when Create A Reality was established there was one clear goal. That goal was to see growth in individuals who lacked opportunities to better themselves.

Our desire has been to produce stylish and durable products with our purpose as well as our customers always in mind. Helping individuals to attain a better quality of life is the driving force behind the time dedicated to producing each item.

The words "Create A Reality" to us mean there is a collective effort between mind, body, and soul to create whatever we feel our realities should be. Individuals who aid humanity inspire our company so we decided to donate a basic need whenever an item is sold.

CAR is not your everyday brand but rather a brand that directly influences the lives of people.

About Ndidi Duruhesie

Founder of Create A Reality, Ndidi Duruhesie’s humble beginnings happened unintentionally during one of her visits to Nigeria. Although it was difficult raising a child in Los Angeles, her parents succeeded to instill within her the Nigerian culture and customs they knew all their lives. It was during a visit to an orphanage in Nigeria that her passion for helping individuals in need was evoked. Visits to Nigeria introduced her to the many wonderful things her heritage had to offer, inspiration being one of them. After beginning the nonprofit organization, Children Are Royal, she saw not only a need for children but to the many people who struggle with attaining the basic needs in life.

As an avid humanity lover and devoted entrepreneur, it was Ndidi’s hope to create opportunities for underprivileged individuals. Her vision included creating encouraging opportunities for them so that they can look forward to a better tomorrow. Involving these individuals as part of the whole production process from beginning to end enables them to contribute to the well-being of another. Each CAR product is created with the intention to give back. Ndidi’s vision soon turned into a simple business idea that helps a person in need with each item purchased. It provided the powerful foundation for Create a Reality. Ndidi is enthusiastic about inspiring people to improve the future of another while gaining fulfillment for themselves.


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