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Before answering the question think of what group of individuals you are linked to through the common beliefs you share. When you figure out the answer you will then know what tribe you belong to. When most of us hear the word tribes we think of people who live in an unheard of village in one of our many countries. Well, that’s not the case; we are all part of a tribe. No matter where we come from we are part of a group of people.

Today we are proud to finally present to the public Create A Reality’s premier line TRIBES. The many unique people in the world inspired this collection. When it was decided to use Ankara as the main fabric for our bags and accessories, the name tribes wasn’t even a thought.  It wasn’t until we noticed the many variations of fabrics we used on the finished product that we decided to call the collection tribes.

Each fabric used on our bags is unique in color and patterns just like tribes. We name each bag design after a tribe throughout the world to spark interest in our consumers. We wanted to use this opportunity to educate by also giving an interesting fact about each tribe, which you can find, on our site.

We aspire to inspire through our company named as Create A Reality, each step of the way from the beginning when the bags are manufactured to the end when donations are given. It has definitely been a long journey introducing our line but we are proud to say we have finally made it!

Be Stylish and Aid Humanity! 


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