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About CAR'S Initiative

"Create A Reality" could be a complete, leading backpack within the USA, and that we supply a large type of backpacks in our online backpack store. Making reality isn't solely doing business; however, our business has a unique motive: to assist those who want to be associated with humanity. As we all know, what the today’s situation of African tribes and how they're facing impoverishment and trying to ascertain a stronger future.

 We tend to as a backpack brand took an initiative within which we are promoting the handcrafted African backpacks and the stunning design of various tribes of the continent within the USA, so they'll showcase their ancient art and that we give some portion of our financial gain and full baggage of food to African tribes who are underneath privileged.

 That's why most of our backpacks are foreign from Nigeria (Africa). Backpacks are fashionable today, and also, they look superb and are created of excellent quality material; that is why African bags lie under our most exclusive collection. As we already mentioned, our African bags are handcrafted by different tribes of Africa; that is why we tend to name our backpacks on the various tribes of Africa.  

You ought to look into our backpacks collections:

Backpacks are accessible in an exceedingly extensive selection of designs to accommodate many uses and lifestyles. Create a Reality sells a range of backpacks, written backpacks, high school backpacks, and the best travel backpacks women wanting to cavort the world.


  •   Backpacks for High school

Our company has the most effective backpacks for teenagers and backpacks for high school students. Backpacks for high school students are available in a large type of style. As we tend to all know, each person has their own set of preferences and interests. 


  •   Travel backpacks for Women

Our travel baggage for women and men is distinctive in style because professional artists handcraft them from everywhere in the world. 


  •   Backpacks for teenagers

Nowadays, selecting the best backpacks for teenagers could be a complex process; as we all know, backpacks are a necessary part of a teenager's everyday life. Backpacks are like their greatest friends, whether or not they're planning to school, college, sports, dance, or travelling; that is why we must always conduct some study before buying the most effective backpacks for teenagers. 


  •   Style written backpacks 

Foreign from Nigeria, this handcrafted baggage is of outstanding quality. These bags are factory-made by those who need a higher life, and purchasers who purchase CAR's high-quality printed bags facilitate them to bring home the bacon. CAR' bags and African bags are all created with distinctive materials. Written bags are trendy, and everyone contains a unique design and style. 


  •   Lightweight backpacks

‘Create A Reality' hottest product is lightweight backpacks. Our company cares about our clients' preferences and what they enjoy! In terms of look and comfort, these backpacks are amazing. The foremost fashionable supply in today's world is handmade, that is what our company offers. In regards to patterns and style, each backpack is handmade but only one. Individuals want new ways that correspond to current trends. The backpacks are all flare and simple to carry. The social group materials employed in the project are all one-of-a-kind. 


Deprived individuals get to profit from our initiative

Create A reality takes a great initiative named "A bag for a bag," within which Create a Reality donates an entire bag of food to someone who is a smaller amount lucky for each bag purchased. By continually keeping one vision in mind, we tend to always tend to form a stronger life and future. Our customers additionally make an excellent distinction in somebody else's life each time they purchase a bag.

Community Action Resources always provides one bag of food to a person in want as a consequence of the sale of every social group bag. In Nigeria, this food baggage is presently solely distributed once a year, throughout Ramadan. However, we tend to aim to extend the amount of food distribution processes in an exceedingly year for social group people. 

Our primary collection, Tribes, could be a throwback to their past, galvanized by people's vibrant and distinctive culture from antecedental unknown locales. Every print, the light-weight backpack has the name of a tribe from another part of the world. 

Like tribes, each of the materials we use for our baggage has its color and pattern. To pique curiosity in our customers, we name each bag style when a tribe from around the world. 


The contemporary world desires modern individuals; however, it doesn't imply you ought to hide your true self. Create A Reality could be a documentary that portrays the world's reality. Our organization depicts a reality that revolves around mankind, pushing people to pursue personal growth while at the same time aiding that ingot to amendment the world. 


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