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Create A Reality” is a leading brand of backpacks in the USA and we offer a huge varieties of backpacks in our online backpack store. Create a reality is not only doing business but behind our business there is a special motive, that motive is to help people who are in need and aid humanity. As we all know, what is situation of African tribes nowadays and how they are facing poverty and they strive to see a better future. We as backpack brand took an initiative in which we are  promoting the handcrafted backpacks and the beautiful artwork of different tribes of an Africa in the USA so that they can showcase their traditional art and we donates some portion of our income and full bags of food to Arican tribes who are underprevilleged. That is why most of our backpacks are imported from Nigeria, (Africa). African backpacks are very trendy nowadays and they look amazing and made up of great quality material that is why African backpacks lies under our most exclusive collection. As we already mentioned that our African bags are handcrafted by different tribes of Africa so, that is why we named our backpacks on the different tribes of Africa. 


You should checkout our African backpacks collections: 

Dani backpack

A brilliant, reasonable solution for quite a long time when you're in a hurry and still need all your stuff, Dani backpacks are the bags that we allude to as practical luxury. With the capacity to easily house a 12-inch PC in addition to your other day by day essentials, it's produced using smooth Amazon Zero Deforestation leather and has a lining produced using PET reused plastic. 

 Dani bags are great for tablets, scratch pads and all your more modest essentials, and turn out splendidly for those of a more modest height who might observe a bigger estimated pack somewhat overpowering. Ideal for every occasion, from office to celebrations. 

Samburu Backpack

 If you are looking for the best travel backpacks for women or men, our cleaned and rough Samburu backpacks will be wonderful to take on any safari (Swahili word for excursion or excursion) from a short weekend getaway or business trip. Samburu bags are Produced using our quality leather and solid ripstop and fixed with Kenya's notable Maasai Shuka (Swahili for cover) these bags are quite durable and will go with you on many adventures.


As their name says, these backpacks are intended for individuals who frequently go climbing or hiking. They have multiple attachments for all the stuff you really want on your experiences and extensive main compartment for your garments and different necessities, and above all a comfortable and ventilated back panel.

Kalam backpack

We named this backpacks after famous Kalam Tribe of African. This exquisite backpack is an essential travel accessory that is ideal for day by day drive. It highlights negligible and refined style, with lively colors. These casual backpacks include an extensive zipper compartment with different slip-in pockets inside. It helps in getting sorted out the entirety of your basics effortlessly. It likewise has a front zipper pocket to offer quick access to the most frequently utilized materials you pack inside. This backpack is made utilizing high-grade material that is amazingly sturdy and long-lasting.

Mauris Sodales

These backpacks are convenient and can store and put together anything you need - books, garments, food and so on. With many zips and pockets to isolate your effects, they are additionally slick and advantageous to utilize. It is comprised of a thick texture that is easy to clean. It is a profoundly solid material and is utilized in functional travel bags like backpacks. Likewise, it is waterproof, so it's one of the ideal backpacks that you can buy and use while travelling. It has stain safe properties that keep your backpacks looking not old and all-around great.


These are the African backpacks of ‘Create A Reality’ which are our special products for special cause. Please take a part in our great initiative by purchasing the African made backpack and aiding humanity with us.



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