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When Create a reality, was established in 2014, there was only one purpose in mind. The idea was to see improvement in those people who didn't have many opportunities to improve themselves.

Our goal has always been to create beautiful and long-lasting products that serve both our mission and our customers. The time spent manufacturing each item is dedicated to assisting folks in achieving a higher quality of life. 

We hope to inspire people through our company, Create A Reality, at every stage of the process, from the manufacturing of the bags to the distribution of donations. It's been a long road to introduce our brand, but we're happy to report that we've finally here! 


Individuals who are underprivileged gets benefit from our initiative

best backpacks for teenagers

Create A reality takes a great initiative named as “A bag for a bag” in which Create a Reality donates a full bag of food to a person who is less fortunate for every bag purchased. By always keeping a single vision in mind, we always tend to create a better life and future. Our customers also make a great difference in someone else's life every time they purchase a bag. Community Action Resources always provides one bag of food to a person in need as a consequence of the sale of each tribal bag. These food bags are currently only distributed once a year, during Ramadan, in Nigeria. But our aim is to increase the number of food distribution process in a year for tribal’s people.

african backpacks

Our main collection, Tribes, is a throwback to their past, inspired by people lively and unique culture from previously unknown locales. Each print, lightweight backpacks has the name of a tribe from another part of the world. 

Like tribes, each of the fabrics we use for our bags has its own colour and pattern. To pique curiosity in our customers, we name each bag design after a tribe from around the world. We wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to educate by including a fun tidbit about each tribe on our website. 

  •  Collection at Create A Reality 

Backpacks are available in a wide range of styles to accommodate a wide range of uses and lifestyles. Create a Reality sells a variety of backpacks, including printed backpacks, lightweight backpacks, high school backpacks, and best travel backpacks women looking to run around the world.



  • Backpacks for high school

    Our company has the best selection of backpacks for teenagers and backpacks for high school students. Backpacks for high school students come in a wide variety of styles. Every person, as we all know, has their own set of preferences and interests. 

    • Travel backpacks for women 

      Our travel bags for women and men are quite unique in design because they are handcrafted by expert artists from all over the world.

      •  Lightweight backpack

      Create A Reality's most popular product is lightweight backpacks. Our company cares about our clients' preferences and what they truly enjoy! In terms of look and comfort, these backpacks are amazing. The most popular source in today's world is handmade, which is what our company offers. The backpacks are all handcrafted and one-of-a-kind in terms of pattern and design. People desire new patterns that correspond to current trends. The backpacks are all very light and easy to carry. The tribal fabrics used in the project are all one-of-a-kind. 

      •  Backpacks for teenagers

      Nowadays, choosing the finest backpacks for adolescents is a challenging process, as we all know, backpacks are an essential part of a teenager's everyday life. Backpacks are like their greatest friends, whether they're going to school, college, sports, dance, or travelling, which is why we should conduct some study before purchasing best backpacks for teenagers

      •  Design printed backpacks 

      Imported from Nigeria, these handcrafted bags are of outstanding quality. These bags are manufactured by people who want a better life, and purchasers who purchase CAR's high-quality printed bags help them achieve it. CAR's bags and African backpacks are all created with unique materials. Printed bags are trendy, and each one has a unique design and style. 


      A modern world needs modern people, but it does not imply you should hide your true self. Create A Reality is a documentary that portrays the world's reality. Our organisation depicts a reality that revolves around mankind, pushing people to pursue personal growth while simultaneously aiding those in need in order to change the world. 






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